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*Neurons are the building blocks of the body's communication system.* The network of neurons allows the signals to move between the brain and body. These organized networks, composed of 1 trillion neurons make up the nervous system. Human behaviour is controlled by the emitted signals of the neurons. Recent researches have indicated that human nervous system plays a very important role in human behaviour. *Children are the future of the country;* and the peace of the house, colony, town and nation in a expanded context depends on how our children are shaping up so far as the behaviour is concerned. *It will be worthwhile to attend a training program to enhance the quality of behavior of the children and adolescents for ultimate peace and happiness.* Institute of Peace, Happiness and Mind Power Development, Jaipur has developed an innovative Training Program, " *Quantum Healing for Excellence in Behaviour of Children and Adolescents.*" In this Training, techniques of generating coordinated behaviour in children and adolescents by balancing the nervous system through Quantum Healing will be taught. Energy Exchange: 3200/- Duration: 1 month Date: 14th May Paytm/UPI: 9470070909 Contact us today at 9470070909 or 9636512396 for Registration and further details.
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