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*Quantum Healing for Excellence in Behaviour of Children and Adolescents:* Many parents now a days are frustrated by the problematic behaviour of their children or growing up adolescents which is a result of *emotional issues, mood disorders or family difficulties.* These initial behaviour issues can result into *Oppositional Defiant Disorder (ODD), Conduct Disorder, ADHD and Substance Abuse.* It is highly necessary to *transform the behaviour of the children and adolescents from problematic to understanding, supportive and creative one.* Institute of Peace, Happiness and Mind Power Development, Jaipur has developed a Training Program for *Parents, Trainers, Healers and Psychologists* in which Techniques of using Quantum Healing for transforming behaviour of Children and Adolescents will be taught. It is 1 month Training Program in online mode which will commence from 14th May, 2019. Energy Exchange: 3200/- (2750/- till 23rd April 2019) Starting from: 14th May 2019 Duration: 1 month Mode: Online Mode *PS: Very Special Leader's Price of 2300/- valid only till 15th April midnight.* For further details please contact us at 9470070909 or 9636512396
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