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*Rescript your life for Success:* Our life is very precious. We are precious energy of the Cosmos. Our cells and DNA are made in the deeper part of the Universe. We are representative of the Universal energy. We have all the potential of a star-like performance in this life. As we are the representative of the highest energy, we ought to achieve glittering success in various spheres of life; but it does not happen. We achieve glittering success in some fields, mediocre in others; however, there are some fields of life where we achieve total failure. When we are the representative of the Universal Energy, why our performance varies from peak of success to trough of failure. *This is due to the variations in the planetary energy in different phases of our life time.* Depending on planetary configuration at birth time, our body receives the energy which gets stored in our cells and DNA. This energy decides our behaviour pattern which is mapped by the great science of Quantum Astrology where the Astrological concepts are studied in the light of Quantum Mechanics. The Astrological charts reveal the Quantum Energy stored in various segments of our body. Our psychological response to various life situations depend on this stored Quantum Energy which is in two forms-in particle form this energy is stored in our cells and DNA (in fact our cells and DNA are concentrated particle energy) and in waveform this energy reflects our thought process. Our cell to cell communication creates an electrical impulse which triggers thought process in our neurons. If the cells and DNA in a particular segment of our body are a product of malefic planetary energy then the thought process regarding particular aspects of life achieves an unresourceful or problematic pattern resulting into stressful interactions and failures in life. When the Quantum energy is interpreted by the Astrological charts, we can understand the expected response of a person in different life situations. In this interactive world; peace, happiness, success, stress, problems, unhappiness everything depends on the quality of interactions in various spheres of life. After understanding the response of a person in various situations, an astrologer who has a good concept of Quantum Energy can predict failure and success pattern of a person. Now the million dollar question is, " If a person is born under malefic planetary influence, is it his/her destiny to suffer, as in many spheres of life his psychological reactions will be problematic. Traditional Astrologers try to change the energy pattern by Mantras of Planets, donating indicative items of particular planets or by suggesting gemstones pertaining to malefic planets. *For these remedies to work, the belief system of the concerned person should be 100 percent.* If the belief system is weak, these remedies does not work. *For the first time in the world; Institute of Peace, Happiness and Mind Power Development, Jaipur has developed an Innovative Training Program of transforming the energy pattern of various psychological aspects of a person from malefic to benefic mode so that the Transformed Energy can Rescript the life of the person*. This Training Program is known as *"Rescripting Astro Psychology by Cosmic Brain Programming and Reiki Healing."* This Training can restore the glittering energy of the Cosmos in a person and he/she can become successful in any field of life after practicing sincerely the various Techniques suggested in the Training. *Institute of Peace, Happiness and Mind Power Development, Jaipur has already conducted 8 highly successful Training Programs in various parts of the country in collaboration with Success Maximized, New Delhi.* The Technique of Rescripting Astro Psychology can rewrite the fortune of a person by aligning his/her energy frequency with the Cosmic Energy Frequency, thereby establishing Cosmic Synchronicity. If Someone is suffering from problems in any sphere of his or her life, this Training is a must for inner energy transformation which will lead to glittering success in life. Now, we are going to start for the first time for the benefit of masses *"Rescripting Astro Psychology by Cosmic Brain Programming and Reiki Healing"* Training in online mode. Date: April 5th, 2019 onwards Duration: 4 months Energy Exchange: 9500/- (8600/- till 25th March 2019) For further details please contact us at 9470070909 or 9636512396
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