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Cosmic Energy Healing - One point solution to all the challenges of life : All of us face various challenges in life. These challenges are in general pertaining to following issues- 1) Health issues 2) Relationship issues A) Marital relationship B) Parent Child relationship 3) Low self esteem 4) Failure or dissatisfaction in business or professional life 5) Fear and phobia 6) Fortune factor not favouring 7) Wealth not attracted and financial challenges are routine 8) Lack of mental peace and happiness In order to rise above these challenges and achieve success in life, a person needs extraordinary guts and courage. The power to rise above the challenges can be achieving by taking a quantum leap in our energy level and that is possible by learning various Techniques of Cosmic Energy Healing . Institute of Peace , Happiness and Mind Power Development, Jaipur provides Training of various Cosmic Healing Techniques such as Reiki, Rescripting Astro Psychology , Quantum Remote Healing , Cosmic Brain Programming for Professional life and Health Issues , Integrated Cosmic Energy Healing for Brain and Central Nervous System . Apart from that Training is also provided in Quantum Astro Psychology and Neuro Lunguistic Programming. Attend various trainings of the Institute to take a Quantum Leap in your Energy Level to face various challenges of life with an attitude of high level of positivity due to Cosmic connectivity. View more at:
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