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Quantum Healing at Zero Point Field for Ultimate Manifesting Power : In Quantum Field Theory , Zero Point is the vacuum state ie the state with lowest possible energy . It contains no physical particles , and is the energy of ground state. Zero point is a state of consciousness, pure potentiality or awareness. As thoughts are energy, zero point state is a state of zero thought or thoughtlessness. The Zero point state is a state of no resistance . Negative emotions will be at an end. A negative emotion is simply the result of creative universal energy conflicting with the focus of our attention in the moment, in a way that is opposed to our desire. A state of no resistance means a constant foundation of inner peace and stillness which can not be shaken. This state of inner peace will allow universal energy to instantly flow in the zone of Quantum Possibilities and help us in the manifestation of our desire. If someone wants to manifest desires by reaching the state of Zero point energy , he or she should learn Quantum Remote Healing from Institute of Peace , Happiness and Mind Power Development , Jaipur. It is a world class Institute for learning Quantum Remote Healing and other Cosmic Energy Healing Techniques.
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